Please Be Safe

First and foremost, make your trip a safe one. Observe all safety rules and adhere to staff requests and keep track of your little ones. Stay alert and let common sense be your guide. Advise children to be aware of moving equipment, machinery, and animals. Many exhibits are “hands-on,” and we encourage participation, but it is always best to ask before touching.

Review the Schedule of Events

A schedule of activities can be on this page. Although we try to include as much as possible, this schedule does not list every event or activity that takes place on the grounds. Review the schedule and plan your trip with the things you want to see in mind. Many activities occur multiple times throughout the day. Check with the Information Booth and listen for announcements for updates or alerts throughout the weekend.

2021 Schedule of Events

Plan your Visit

A map of the grounds can be found on the tips section of the website or in one of our show pamphlets available at the Information Booth. There are four maps located on the grounds. These maps will allow you to place yourself on the grounds as well as pointing out sights of interest.

Download a 2021 map here!

Keep in mind, this is an outside event–rain or shine, hot or cold. There are some buildings and tents which provide shelter but dress appropriately. It can be hot in September, or cold, sunny, chilly, rainy, cloudy, (honestly, we have seen every type of weather, but snow…knock on wood). Dress in layers, wear sunscreen, bring a hat, and wear comfortable shoes. We do offer transportation through the grounds, but you will probably have to do some heavy walking no matter your intentions.

Take Advantage of What We Know

This is not our first rodeo…or fair. If you are unsure of something, ask one of our volunteers or staff members. They can give you directions, provide information, or tell you a really great story or two. Many of the volunteers have in-depth knowledge of what they are doing. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Break Time

Field Day of the Past at Redfield Farm covers a lot of space, and it can get very hot in September. Remember to stay hydrated, wear layers, and wear comfortable shoes. Take a break when you need to by finding the shade of a tree or stopping at a nearby picnic table. 

Keep Track of Everyone

Again, Field Day encompasses 50 acres, there are tons of people and a lot going on. Make sure you keep an eye on all members of your group, especially the little ones. The best way to avoid risks is to be prepared for them. Plan a rendezvous point in case a member gets separated from the rest of the party. (The Ferris Wheel or the flagpole are great examples). If you find yourself without a little member, report it to anyone with a Field Day of the Past name badge. 

Please remember we cannot make announcements for lost members of your party.

Restrooms Available

There are portable toilets available throughout the grounds supplied by S.B. Cox. Handwashing stations are available near the animal exhibits. Please bring a hand sanitizer or hand wipes if you need them!

Emergency Services

Amelia County EMTs and Fire and Rescue will be available in case of emergencies. Although we hope there is no need for their services, there are times when cuts, splinters, or heat can get the best of us and it is good to know Amelia County emergency services are there in case of emergency.

Special thanks to the Virginia State Police who help guide traffic.

Tram Service

Trams are available in the parking lot to the ticket booths and inside the grounds. Some factors–crowds, weather, and ground conditions–can affect this service, so please be patient. If you are having a difficult time getting around, or have an older member of your group who needs to go to a specific location, call one of our volunteer drivers to get you where you are going. They are wearing orange vests and are the only ones permitted to drive within the grounds. 


Some vendors offer credit services, but many do not. There are ATMs located at the Ticket Booth and others are scattered throughout the grounds. 

Lost and Found

If you have lost something you carried with you, check the Information Booth. Lost items also make their home at the Field Day of the Past Office for several months after the show. 

Call us at 804-741-8468

Be ready to have a blast at Field Day of the Past!